MAI Capital

MAI Capital forms strategic partnerships. With a focus on uncovering premium Australian products with suitability for the consumer upgrade in China, our team is committed to achieving long term, sustainable performance. The ultimate benchmark for success is the delivery of meaningful outcomes for society, and ongoing value to our partners and stakeholders.

Drawing on high-level expertise and access to Australia, China and beyond, we take premium brands to emerging growth markets where we play the role of investor, strategist and long term partner.

MAI Capital is the investment house for the MAI Group, a Family Office dedicated to integrating core resources from China and Australia to create successful business and investment opportunities. MAI Group is underpinned by a range of companies covering logistics, property development, fast-moving consumer goods, and philanthropy.

Together with the MAI Group, we work closely with partners across China and Australia to maintain deep relationships with many influential people and notable institutions within these two countries. This provides us with the flexibility, scope, and platform to achieve desired objectives.


Timing is everything

Since 2014, we’ve leveraged the massive manufacturing transition from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Sold in China’. We specialise in market entry into the world’s largest consumer base with the right product at the right time. We partner with innovative companies that are well positioned to provide these solutions for upcoming market demands in China.

Our team and investor networks have deep experience in commercialisation within the Chinese market, giving Australian companies unprecedented access to capital and partnerships.


A unique investment approach

We help Australian companies find the right Joint Venture partners and growth opportunities to create the best chance of long-term growth within the Chinese market.

Across our broader group, we have a history of successfully delivering on Joint Venture projects, and we use this experience to ensure that our companies only deal with the best.


Our values


We believe that great things happen when all parties are truly aligned. We take the time to listen and share our ideas openly and freely, so that no one is ever left behind.


Every choice we make is backed up by our determination. We are completely committed to each other and to our partners; no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes.


The outcomes we deliver today shape the future of tomorrow. So we bring pride and passion to every opportunity, underpinned by our belief in legacy.


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