Polished Man 2018

This Spring MAI Capital is supporting the not-for-profit YGAP’s Polished Man movement which encourages men to paint their nails blue to raise awareness for violence against children. The entire premise of this movement is to spark conversations through the attention drawn to the single nail painted on the hand and create an opportunity for a discussion on a classically neglected issue.

On 12 October 2018, employees from both ICD Property and MAI Capital joined MAI Foundation, the charitable arm of the MAI Group, in the annual Polished Man campaign. A representative from Polished Man gave a presentation that highlights the global impact of the movement as well as providing the team with pertinent information regarding violence against children around the world.

Funds raised through Polished Man are channeled into trauma prevention and trauma recovery programs for children who are at risk of or have suffered violence.

For the chance to donate to this incredible cause go to https://my.polishedman.com/maifoundation.

Plus, for every 20 dollars donated you’ll receive a voucher for a free pint of beer or a glass of wine at Mai Foundation’s own social enterprise Café Bar, Manymore, in the Melbourne CBD.

We appreciate your generosity in advance.

MAI Foundation is excited to contribute $1,660 to the cause and would like to thank the team for their time and contribution.

Polished Man 2018.png