MAI Dragon Egg | ESVCLP Launched

MAI Capital has received sign off on our new fund “MAI Dragon Egg Fund I” a conditionally registered ESVCLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership). The ESVCLP program is a Federal Government initiative designed to stimulate investment into Australia’s early stage venture capital sector by allowing generous tax concessions to investors in funds that meet the registration and investment criteria set out in the Venture Capital Act 2002 (Cth). All income and capital gains received by investors from an investment in the Fund, operating as an ESVCLP, will be exempt from Australian tax.

The fund is focused on the 5 key sectors of MAI Capital:

• Logistics

• Clean Technology

• Agriculture

• Education

• Health

The fund is focused on “post seed” or “Pre A” round opportunities, feel free to reach out to find out more.